Recording Phone Calls (The Exact Device)

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Okay, I spoke about recording phone calls in an earlier post. Many people have said they were having a hard time finding the device needed.

So you can pick this up at or phone a local store near you.

The part number is: #43-1237 (Mini Recorder)

The great part about this device is that it only costs about $15 bucks and it has a toggle switch for Recording / Play Back. This alone has some pretty nifty uses.

Let’s say I have teleconference training that I’m holding on Monday, now I want to do the exact same call every Monday for new leads / audiences but I want to give them the convenience of being able to just pick up the phone (meaning I’m not just using Audio Generator to post it online).

Well what I can do is Record Monday nights call on any device (MP3 / Tape / CD). Then next week I just switch the toggle to Play Back, jump on the call and have everyone say where they’re calling from with a little live interaction, then press PLAY on my mp3 player which is hooked up and VIOLA… I can now go have dinner while my recording is being played for the audience.

Because I know how long the recording lasts, I like to set a timer for 5 minutes before it’s over and then come back from what ever I was doing (usually just multi-tasking with other projects) and open up the call at the end for a live Q/A session.

So that’s yet another way to use technology and save you massive amounts of time.

Hope this has been helpful.

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Author: Segovia Smith

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