Ground Breaking Progress

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Wow! I’ve decided to crack down and create my own MP3 Player. I must have spent at least 30 hours searching and testing almost every piece of MP3 software and sound editing device on the market. None of which did exactly what I wanted.

You see there was a combination of about 3 different pieces of software that I’ve been using to this point. However they range from FREE all the way up to $299. So it wasn’t very likely YOU would want to be investing in these. Not to mention that some of them are so complicated it would be like taking your “Private Jet” just around the corner to the grocery store. It’s just not really necessary to have that many features.

So I’ve decided to create my own software to take care of all these great features.

Well two days ago I was able to get started on the project. I’ve worked out some of the preliminary specs and mockups and spent the last two days creating an Interface (SKIN) for the mp3 player.

So I’m hoping that you can give me some feedback and I’ll look forward to getting this player out to the public in the near future.

I’m not sure how long it will take but I’ll be sure and keep you posted on the progress.

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Author: Segovia Smith

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