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I’ve been using CloudApp for about 6 months now and I’ve grown quite fond of it. So much so, I decided to throw them a little coin and upgrade for a 1 year Pro account (US$45). Mainly because I believe in the guys behind the project, but definitely to take advantage of their new custom domain mapping tools.

For those who haven’t used CloudApp yet or aren’t quite sure why it’s so efficient, keep reading for some basic use case scenarios.

I loved the idea of being able to map my own sub-domain to my CloudApp uploads. It’s like having my own URL shortening service with a simple DNS CNAME tweak.

I already had the perfect domain name ( which I installed a rock start URL analytics service on last year (code name AFA – currently in private Beta) in order to setup quickly customizable short affiliate links for all the speakers and faculty.

CloudApp simply gave me another way to spice up my already stellar domain setup by appending a sub-domain ( for secure, quick keystroke image and url shortening.

CloudApp in a Nutshell

Basically, this sweet little ditty just sits up in your status menu bar waiting patiently for you to feed it bits and bytes of information.

In my case, I setup a quick shortcut CMD+CTRL+SHIFT+D (but you can of course choose whatever’s best for you). Then anything on your clipboard will be automatically uploaded to CloudApp.

You can also, drag files, images, movies and more directly onto the app icon or event print to CloudApp and it will upload your stuff into (you guessed it) – the cloud.

But what I love and use most, is to take a quick screen shot using the standard built in Mac OS X image capture shortcuts CMD+SHIFT+4 to select a custom area of the screen, followed by the CloudApp shortcut above, and viola, your screen shot is now uploaded to the cloud…

But, the best part is, it replaces your current clipboard with a link directly to your new cloud file, which you can then paste into any location of your choice (eg. a Tweet, FB Update or IM conversation).

I find this especially useful when working with my remote programmers and web dev team when trouble shooting a browser bug or documenting some other quick show and tell item.

My next step is to explore the capabilities of their API to see if I can figure out a way to extend this sweet little service to all of the YogaHub affiliates and give them either an OS or browser based tool for creating quick short-links with their built in affiliate ID. (or perhaps that’s a little overkill for the health and wellness market.) Either way, I’m sure I could find a use for doing something cool with their API.

Do you use CloudApp? What do you use it for most frequently? And what 3rd party apps have you found them integrated with that you just can’t live without? Please let me know in the comments.

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